September 20, 2014

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn's 7th Annual Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows in Pictures

Evviva Maria!
Photos by New York Scugnizzo
Sunday, September 14th, members of the Associazione Culturale Pugliese Figli Maria S.S. Addolorata gathered at Saint Athanasius Church in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, for the 7th Annual Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.
Members get ready to release balloons and confetti
This year's reginetta and Regina of the Feast
The color guard lead the procession
Flag twirlers show their enthusiasm
(L—R) Last year's Grand Marshals Giuseppe and Vanna Marinelli join 2014 Grand Marshals Chiarina and Mario Colella
Sharply dressed lifters proudly carry the Madonna
A labor of love and devotion
(Above and below) Members of New York's Strongest participate in memory of sanitation worker Steven Frosch, killed in an accident on June 21, 2014
Another look at the procession
Outdoor shrines were set up along the parade route
These little angels were all smiles
Special thanks to Josephine DiDonna, Lucrezia Nardulli and JoAnn Marinelli 
It's an honor and a privilege to carry the Blessed Mother
Tony and Son's Festival Band
The procession returns to Saint Athanasius
After the march, members pose for a group photo outside the church
Passing on the traditions to our youth
The Nardulli family 
The celebration continued into the night with plenty of food, music and dance
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Sophia Loren – A Living Symbol of Art

Aphrodite of Cnidus
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia
By Niccolò Graffio

The late philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand defined art as “…a selective recreation of reality according to an artist’s metaphysical value-judgments.” Since early modern humans first appeared in Europe approx. 40,000 years ago, mankind has “selectively recreated reality” in numerous ways for many different purposes.

Many early civilizations, like Ancient Egypt and Minoan Crete, produced artworks (now mostly in museums) which continue to amaze people to this day. Each culture developed their own style of art.

It was the Greeks of the Hellenic Age, however, who were the first to venerate the human body and to develop the skills necessary to correctly recreate the human form down to minute detail. The Greeks, like the Romans after them, were especially fond of venerating the female human form. Perhaps no artwork better exemplified this than the famous statue “Aphrodite of Cnidus” by Praxiteles. After the fall of Rome, this veneration would not be seen again in Western art until the Age of the Renaissance.

The beginning of the 20th century saw the birth of film as both an art form and an industry, and with it the rise in popularity of what has been termed the “sex symbol.” The century saw a plethora of men and women labeled sex symbols, but only a few, such as Lillian Russell, Rita Hayworth & Marilyn Monroe, who could truly be considered icons. This article is a labor of love to one who is not only counted among the “greats,” but who rose above them to become a true symbol of feminine beauty – Sophia Loren. Continue reading

September 19, 2014

Long Island City's 107th Annual Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows in Pictures

Evviva Maria!
Photos by New York Scugnizzo

Saturday, September 13th, members of the Società Maria SS. Addolorata di Pignataro Interamna gathered at Saint Mary's Church in Long Island City, New York, to celebrate the 107th Annual Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Before Mass, ladies brought beautiful pink and red rose bouquets to the altar
Men carry images of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Mother to the Altar
Giulia Cicillini presents the statue's ornate golden crown
Devotees carry a golden dagger and Sacred Heart of Mary
Children offer yellow roses to the Blessed Mother
After Mass, the standard bearers get ready to lead the parade
A giant rose Rosary is carried in the procession
The crowd greets the statue as it emerges from the church
The candlelight procession makes its way from Saint Mary's
Proud members carry the society banner
Angela Cicillini had the honor of carrying the cross
The procession progresses through the neighborhood
Children accompanied the procession with lanterns
Devotees continue to march through the rain
Our Lady of Good Counsel Band
The rain can't stop these cuties from having fun
Outside the 108 Precinct, Reverend Ralph Barile and the marchers offer thanks and prayers to New York's Finest
Returning to the church for the party
The inclement weather didn't dampen any spirits
In the church auditorium, ladies served plenty of delicious southern Italian fare
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Feast of San Gennaro

Viva San Gennaro!
Photos by New York Scugnizzo
September 19th is the Feast Day of San Gennaro, patron saint of Naples. To commemorate the occasion, I'm posting a Prayer to San Gennaro. The accompanying photos were taken at Most Precious Blood Church (109 Mulberry Street), the national shrine of San Gennaro, located in New York City's historic Little Italy.

Prayer to San Gennaro

O Great San Gennaro, valiant athlete of Jesus Christ and Patron Saint of Naples, we have recourse to your powerful intercession, especially during times of disaster! With grateful hearts we acknowledge your constant readiness to help your fellow citizens and those devoted to you in times of need. With the assurance of being heard, we implore you to obtain God's mercy for us. Protect us from the scourge of spreading disbelief. Free us from all evils and dangers that threaten us from every side. May the faith for which you sacrificed your life produce in our midst, through your prayers, the good works which the Lord our God can rightfully expect from His servants. Amen

September 18, 2014

Feast of San Sabino Martire

Evviva San Sabino!
Photo by New York Scugnizzo
September 18th is the Feast Day of San Sabino, martyr and patron of Sanza, Salerno. In commemoration I'm posting a Prayer to San Sabino.* The accompanying photo was taken at Saint Francis of Paola Church (219 Conselyea Street) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Preghiera A San Sabino Martire
O invitto o Martire intemerato San Sabino che sacrificare la Tua vita per confessare la Tua potente fede nel verbo incarnato ottienimi dal Signore la grazia di essere con Te disposto a soffrire per amor suo qualunque affronto anzichè perdere una sola delle virtu cristiane.
O mio protettore, degnati di intercedere presso il Trono dell' Altissimo affinché volga su di me, pentito peccatore, i Suoi occhi di misericordia e mi aiuti nei bisogni spirituali e temporali. Amen
* Prayer courtesy of the San Sabino Society of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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