October 1, 2014

Announcing the Festa della Madonna del Santo Rosario, San Diego, California


An Evening of Sicilian Folk and Roots Music at the Center for the Arts, College of Staten Island


New Books

Some new and forthcoming titles that may be of interest to our readers. All are available at Amazon.com

Sicilian Genealogy and Heraldry by Louis Mendola 

Publisher: Trinacria Editions LLC 
Publication Date: November 14, 2014  
Paperback: $21.66 
Language: English 
Pages: 300 

The Peoples of Sicily: A Multicultural Legacy by Louis Mendola and Jacqueline Alio 

Publisher: Trinacria Editions LLC 
Publication Date: November 14, 2014 
Paperback: $21.12 
Language: English 
Pages: 368 

Albanian Tradition in Sicily: Canti Ecclesiastici della Tradizione Italo-Albanese in Sicilia by Bartolomeo di Salvo 

Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press 
Publication Date: May 15, 2015 
Hardcover: $85.50 
Language: English 
Pages: 288 

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September 30, 2014

Feast of Sant’Amato di Nusco Vescovo

Viva Sant'Amato! 
Photo by New York Scugnizzo
September 30th is the Feast Day of Sant’Amato di Nusco Vescovo, citizen and first Bishop of Nusco, Avellino. Invoked against earthquakes and other natural disasters, many miracles and healings have been attributed to Nusco’s beloved patron. To commemorate the occasion I’m posting a Prayer to Sant’Amato.* The accompanying photo was taken at the Società Sant’Amato di Nusco clubhouse in Long Island City, New York.
Orazione a Santo Amato
O glorioso Santo Amato, che in tempi di tenebre splendesti di sanità nella tua patria e la sollevasti a nuovi costumi e nuova vita civile, deh! stendi su tutti i tuoi devoti l'opera tua benefica.

Tu avvisasti nel tuo popolo il fervore della fede e della pietà cristiana, Tu fosti sollievo negli affanni, scampo nei pericoli, e Tu conserva ognora all'ombra tua il popolo del tuo acquisto e quanti invocano il tuo nome benedetto.

O padre e Pastore della tua Nusco spira nei cuori la carità, che ti accese verso il tuo gregge, sicché, amandoci in terra, possiamo esser insieme con Te cittadini in cielo.

* Prayer courtesy of the Saint Amato Society of Long Island City, New York

September 29, 2014

Feast of the Archangels

The Archangel Michael smiting Satan
Photo by New York Scugnizzo
September 29th is the Feast Day of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. In celebration I'm posting The Saint Michael Prayer.(*) The accompanying photo of Saint Michael the Archangel smiting Satan was taken at Santa Rosalia–Regina Pacis Parish (1224 65th St.) in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.

The Saint Michael Prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Divine Power of God,
cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

(*) The Saint Michael Prayer, reprinted from Our Catholic Prayers

September 28, 2014

Treasures and Tales of Italy’s Art Recovery Team: Antiquities from the Guardia di Finanza

Mosaic, Augustan, 31 BCE–14 CE
Oct. 2nd – Dec. 7th, 2014

University of Delaware 
Old College Hall
Newark, Delaware 19716

Encompassing over 30 Greek, Roman, and Etruscan objects recuperated by the Art Recovery Team of Italy’s Guardia di Finanza, this exhibition highlights the Italian government’s ongoing efforts around the world to recover and repatriate works of art. With the ancient symposium as the theme for this exhibition, several works focus on the Greek god Dionysus (the Roman god Bacchus), god of vines, wine, and mystical delirium.

"Treasures and Tales" was made possible by a partnership with the International Council of Delaware and the Guardia di Finanza, a branch of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. 

A LECTURE by Classics Professor Annette Giesecke and OPENING RECEPTION with remarks by Colonel Massimo Rossi, Chief in Command of the Art Recovery Team will be held on October 1, beginning at 4:30 p.m. 

All University Museums exhibitions and events are Free Admission. RSVP: (302) 831-8037.

Treasures and Tales Programming

Wednesday, October 1, 4:30 p.m.
“Party Time? What you didn’t know about Dionysus”
Annette Giesecke
Professor of Classics
Old College Gallery

Wednesday, October 1, 5:00 p.m.
Opening Reception
Remarks by Colonel Massimo Rossi, Chief in Command, Art Recovery Team
Old College Gallery*
* RSVP: (302) 831-8037 or universitymuseums@udel.edu

Thursday, October 30, 12:30–1:15 p.m.
“The Lives and After-Lives of Ancient Objects”
Lauren Petersen
Professor of Art History
Old College Gallery

Thursday, December 4, 5:30–7:30 p.m.
First Thursday Open House
Old College Gallery

For more info visit http://www.udel.edu/museums/

September 27, 2014

Arturo Di Modica’s Cavallo in SoHo

Arturo Di Modica’s Cavallo
While enjoying a night on the town with some friends, we stumbled upon famed Sicilian American artist Arturo Di Modica’s Cavallo. Best known for his sculpture Charging Bull (in Bowling Green), the towering stainless steel bronco stands outside Cipriani’s Restaurant on 376 W Broadway (between Broome and Spring Streets) in Lower Manhattan.
Photos by New York Scugnizzo
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Arturo DiModica and His Charging Bull

The Last Days of September

The "Four Days of Naples" Remembered
Scene from the siege of Naples (September, 1943)
By Niccolò Graffio
“See Naples and die.” (Vedi Napoli e poi muori) – Italian proverb (variously ascribed to Virgil, Goethe and Humboldt)
The city of Naples is one of the oldest, continually inhabited cities in all of Italy, if not Europe. Tradition has it Greek settlers from Euboea founded a colony at the site sometime in the 8th century BC. Archaeologists, however, believe the earliest settlers were Greek sailors from Rhodes who established a mercantile colony on the tiny island of Megaride almost 100 years earlier. They named this colony Parthenope.

Around the 5th century BC these settlers were displaced by new arrivals from the Greek colony of Cumae. Reaching the mainland, these displaced settlers founded a new colony they named Neapolis (Gr: “New City”). In time Parthenope came to be absorbed into the growing city, being renamed simply Palaiopolis (Gr: “Old City”). Continue reading

September 26, 2014

Feast of Saints Cosimo and Damiano

Saints Cosimo and Damiano
Photo by New York Scugnizzo
September 26th is the Feast Day of Saints Cosimo and Damiano, patrons of physicians and surgeons. Widely venerated across southern Italy, they are the principal patrons of Riace (RC), Ginosa (TA), Sferracavallo (PA), Roccascalegna (CH) and Carbonara di Nola (NA), among others. To commemorate the occasion, I'm posting a Prayer to Saints Cosmas and Damian. The accompanying photo of the martyrs was taken at Most Precious Blood Church (109 Mulberry Street), the national shrine of San Gennaro, located in New York City's historic Little Italy.

Prayer to Saints Cosmas
and Damian

Oh glorious martyrs of Christ, Saints Cosmas and Damian, you gave your lives for the love of God, benefiting your fellow man, and crowning your martyrdom with an open and loyal profession of your faith. You taught us to love God above all things, and to love our fellow man as ourselves, professing always, and without fear, the religion of Jesus. 

Augmenting amongst the faithful populace many miracles, you are glorious indeed. Through your intercession, which brings about deliverance of these miracles, we pray to you for your aid in all things. May your patronage never be far from us in the illness of our body and soul. 

Oh great protectors, Saints Cosmas and Damian, assist us with your love and free us from all evils. Amen

September 25, 2014

September 24, 2014

A Look at the 88th Annual Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy, New York City

San Gennaro shrine by the altar
Photos by New York Scugnizzo
By Giovanni di Napoli
Friday, September 19th, I made my way to Most Precious Blood Church in New York City’s Little Italy to meet some friends and celebrate the Feast of our beloved patron San Gennaro. The evening began with a special Mass celebrated in English and Italian with Monsignor Cassato, visiting from Saint Athanasius Church in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. After Communion, soprano Cristina Fontanelli sang a stirring rendition of Ave Maria, which received a rousing applause from the congregation.
Following Mass, San Gennaro was presented (with much fanfare) to the throng of revelers outside the church. This year, members of the Giglio Society of Williamsburg, Brooklyn had the honor of carrying the statue through the packed streets of Little Italy. Accompanied by the Red Mike Festival Band, the procession slowly made its way up Mulberry Street, stopping repeatedly outside the many booths and storefronts, to show their gratitude for the generous donations.
After the Procession, my friends and I stopped by the big stage on Grand Street (outside the legendary Di Palo’s Fine Foods) to see tenor Jimmy Alleva perform some of our favorite Neapolitan songs. A great talent and terrific showman, Jimmy had members of the audience dancing and singing along in the streets.
Naturally, surrounded by so much food, it didn't take long before someone suggested we go get dinner. With so many options to choose from it was difficult to pick a place, but eventually we decided to go eat at Forlini’s, an old-school Italian restaurant on Baxter Street, where we enjoyed lively conversation, a delicious meal and terrific service. Special thanks to Joe the maître d' for the great dining experience.
In addition to being culturally rewarding, our faith-filled celebration was spiritually edifying. All in all, it was a fitting tribute to the Patron Saint of Naples. Evviva San Gennaro!
Leaving Most Precious Blood Church, National Shrine to San Gennaro
The procession crawls along bustling Mulberry Street 
We stopped by the outdoor chapel
At the chapel, devotees pinned donations on to the statue 
You never know who you'll run into at the Feast:
(L-R) Andrew "Ciacci" Giordano of the Black Cats NYC and Marcantonio Pezzano 
The great Jimmy Alleva sang our favorite Neapolitan songs 
Jimmy had the audience dancing in the street 
Forlini’s scungilli and calamari salad
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September 23, 2014

Feast of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

Painted ceramic of Saint Pio
Photo by New York Scugnizzo
September 23rd is the Feast Day of Saint Padre Pio. In commemoration, I'm posting a Prayer to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. The accompanying photo was taken in Vietri Sul Mare during my 2010 pilgrimage to Southern Italy.

Prayer to Saint Pio
of Pietrelcina

O Glorious Saint Pio, bearing the wounds of Christ you generously accepted your sufferings, and labored faithfully for the good of all souls. Help me to embrace that same attitude of acceptance in my life. With confidence, I ask for your intercession to obtain the grace of (make your request), which I ardently desire. If it is not, however, God's will that this should come to pass, then help me to find serenity and joy in God's choices for me. Amen

Happy Autumn!

Photo by New York Scugnizzo
The Fall Equinox marks the transition of summer into winter. To celebrate the occasion and the season of Autumn I would like to share a poem by Vittorio Clemente from Dialect Poetry of Southern Italy: Texts and Criticism (A Trilingual Anthology) edited by Luigi Bonaffini, Legas, 1997, p.36.


Fields on fire,
blazing to the far ends of the world.
The agony of crickets
from the hollow, falls
on deaf ears: cri, cri,
from time to time.
The moon is up, the world
has ended.

(Translated by Anthony Molino)

September 22, 2014

Of the Wonderful Force of Imagination

The ‘Natural Magick’ of Giambattista della Porta

Giambattista della Porta (1535?-1615)
By Niccolò Graffio
“The scientist does not study nature because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it, and he delights in it because it is beautiful.” – Heinri Poincaré (1854-1912)
The (natural) sciences, geography and history are subjects that have always fascinated me. This is probably why I have always enjoyed walking the seemingly endless halls of this wonderfully vast edifice known as the American Museum of Natural History. Looking at all the exhibits, one cannot help but get a taste of all my favorite subjects. With 25 interconnected buildings that house 46 permanent exhibition halls, research laboratories and a library that is world-renowned, the museum is truly one of the wonders of the modern age.

I recall reading somewhere once that famed British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, when witnessing the “firing up” of a new, state of the art telescope designed to peer into the outermost reaches of the universe, exclaimed that he never felt prouder of our species than at that moment. I feel the same way whenever I come here, which is why I visit often. It is at once both a humbling and exalting experience. If you can manage the trip here just once in your lifetime I heartily recommend it! Continue reading

September 21, 2014

Feast of San Matteo

Viva San Matteo!
Photo by New York Scugnizzo
September 21st is the Feast Day of San Matteo (Saint Matthew), patron saint of Salerno. In commemoration, I'm posting a prayer in honor of Saint Matthew. The accompanying photo of San Matteo was taken at the Basilica Santa Trofimena in Minori. 

Prayer to Saint Matthew

O Glorious St. Matthew, in your Gospel you portray Jesus as the longed-for Messiah who fulfilled the Prophets of the Old Covenant and as the new Lawgiver who founded a Church of the New Covenant. Obtain for us the grace to see Jesus living in his Church and to follow his teachings in our lives on earth so that we may live forever with him in heaven. Amen

September 20, 2014

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn's 7th Annual Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows in Pictures

Evviva Maria!
Photos by New York Scugnizzo
Sunday, September 14th, members of the Associazione Culturale Pugliese Figli Maria S.S. Addolorata gathered at Saint Athanasius Church in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, for the 7th Annual Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.
Members get ready to release balloons and confetti
This year's reginetta and Regina of the Feast
The color guard lead the procession
Flag twirlers show their enthusiasm
(L—R) Last year's Grand Marshals Giuseppe and Vanna Marinelli join 2014 Grand Marshals Chiarina and Mario Colella
Sharply dressed lifters proudly carry the Madonna
A labor of love and devotion
(Above and below) Members of New York's Strongest participate in memory of sanitation worker Steven Frosch, killed in an accident on June 21, 2014
Another look at the procession
Outdoor shrines were set up along the parade route
These little angels were all smiles
Special thanks to Josephine DiDonna, Lucrezia Nardulli and JoAnn Marinelli 
It's an honor and a privilege to carry the Blessed Mother
Tony and Son's Festival Band
The procession returns to Saint Athanasius
After the march, members pose for a group photo outside the church
Passing on the traditions to our youth
The Nardulli family 
The celebration continued into the night with plenty of food, music and dance
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